Andrew Clark

Third Theology

Theological College
St. John Paul II Seminary
Tallwood High School

I come from a Navy family of five having two older sisters. I grew up in Connecticut, Italy, and Virginia. I first heard the call to the priesthood in mass shortly after my first Holy Communion in the second grade during the elevation of the host when the Lord captured my heart. Since that moment I have wanted to discern my vocation although at times during my childhood I ebbed back and forth to and from that call. Nonetheless, the Holy Spirit persistently tugged on my heart and blessed me with many spiritual consolations so that eventually I knew with clarity that I indeed wished to pursue this vocation. Thus, I took the first opportunity to do so and after I graduated from the Global Studies and World Languages Academy at Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach in 2016 I entered formation at St. John Paul II Seminary in Washington, DC. There I studied philosophy, theology, and history at the undergraduate level. I finished four years there before moving on to postgraduate theological studies and major seminary formation at Theological College, the National Seminary of The Catholic University of America.

Having wanted to become a priest from a young age I fit in the category of what some folks refer to as ‘lifers.’ If I could have gone to seminary in elementary school, I certainly would have wanted to do so. These last few years of formation have proven to me how much I love the priesthood and moreover, the Church and the people of God, and wish to serve the Lord in them. I love this diocese, her history, her land, and her people. I should like to express in conclusion my gratitude to the Lord for the many blessings granted to me throughout my life and especially in my time in formation. I could never have had expect the good things the Lord has given me. A wise man once spoke about following the Lord saying, “buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride.” Amen, alleluia to that!

Favorite Hobbies:  Reading, hiking/camping

Favorite Biblical Books:  John, Judith, & the Psalms

Favorite Authors:  Josef Pieper, Karol Wojtyła, & Joseph Ratzinger

Favorite Saints:  St. Andrew the Apostle & St. Ignatius of Antioch