Samuel Hill

Third Theology

Pontifical North American College
Saint John Paul II Seminary
Virginia Tech

Hello, my name is Sam Hill! I was born in Bedford, VA and have lived there my whole life. I grew up on my family’s dairy farm (even though I never did any work!). I went to Jefferson Forest High School and then decided to go to Virginia Tech. It was actually at Virginia Tech that I became Catholic! I was baptized Methodist and grew up in different Protestant churches, but by the time I went to college I wasn’t really sure what I believed. At VT I started asking big questions I had about the faith which eventually led me to the Catholic Church.

With my newly kindled faith I began to pray asking what the Lord had in mind for my life. It wasn’t long before I began to feel a call to the priesthood. While a foreign idea to me at first, the desire to be a priest kept growing within me. I tried to ignore it for a few years, but I couldn’t shake it! Even though I didn’t fully understand everything about the priesthood or seminary life, even though I had all kinds of fears, and even though I didn’t (and don’t) feel qualified, I knew that God’s plan for me was far greater than all of these things and would lead to my true happiness.