Discerning in High School

High School can be a great time to consider where the Lord might be calling you. Here are some first steps.

Attend or serve Mass regularly

If you are in high school and you think God may be leading you closer to the seminary, the best thing you can do right now is to make sure you are attending Mass and the Sacrament of Confession faithfully. The Eucharist is the source and summit of our lives and gives us the daily strength we need to follow the Lord and discern His will for our lives. When we are close to the Eucharist, we can hear Jesus’ voice better. He will teach you how He wants you to serve Him — whether through holy marriage, religious life, or the priesthood.

You may also want to talk to your pastor about serving mass. Becoming familiar with the flow of the liturgy will help you become more comfortable around the altar and will give you a better idea whether or not it is the kind of vocation God is calling you to. This experience will also help you get to know your pastor and other priests better.

Be faithful in your daily prayer, chores, and hobbies

Be faithful in the little things. This is really important if you want to discern God’s will. Work hard at school, respect and obey your parents and family members, finish your chores well, get involved with healthy extra-curricular activities like sports, art, music, etc. The Lord uses these good habits to draw us closer to Himself. As Mother Teresa once said, “God does not require that we be successful, only that we be faithful.”

Above all, start making the decision today to have a personal prayer life. Prayer is that intimate dialogue with the Lord Jesus where we find deep peace and rest. Try setting aside a place in your room as your ‘prayer space.’ Crack open your Bible, pray the rosary, or study the lives of the saints. Download the iBreviary app and take a swing at the Liturgy of the Hours. Prayer habits like these will help solidify your identity as a Catholic man and will be invaluable as you move along in your discernment journey. But most important of all, you’ll come to know the God who loves you unconditionally.

Quo Vadis Young Men's Camp

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Discernment Events

Make good friends and have healthy relationships

The people you hang out with will help form you into the man you become. Make sure you choose your friends wisely! If your parish has a youth group, get to know people there. Root your friendships as much as possible in the faith. Of course, you’ll still have plenty of non-Catholic friends, but never underestimate the value of having friends that share core values with you!

If you are dating a young lady, pray for the grace to be respectful and chaste toward her. She’s a daughter of God. Make Christ the foundation, and be honest with her if you are open to the priesthood!

Make time for Diocesan events like DYC and Quo Vadis

Every year the Diocese hosts some excellent events like the Diocesan Youth Conference and the Quo Vadis Camp. These events are here to help form you into solid young Catholics, rooted in a relationship with Our Risen Lord. Take advantage of these opportunities! Talk to your youth minister about being a part of these and other events that help nourish your prayer life. Summers fill up fast, so it’s important to look ahead and consider making these events a priority.

Considering College Seminary?

College seminary is a great way to earn an undergraduate degree while striving to discern your vocation within the Church!

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