Application Process

What steps do I take to apply to seminary for the Diocese of Richmond?

Applying for seminary involves you, God, and the Church all working together!

It’s important to remember that you, the Church, and the Lord all need to agree that this is the right thing for you to do at this time. By walking with the Church, you’ll be able to better understand God’s calling.

Contact the Vocations Office

1. InvitationĀ to Apply

After meeting with the Vocations Director and while actively participating in the life of your parish and attending vocations events, there may come a time with the Vocation Director extends the application to you.

2. Application Materials

The application materials are a means for you to provide information about your life and family and includes essays on priesthood and your spiritual autobiography.

3. Psychological Assessment

Upon review of application materials, the applicant will meet with a psychologist for a psychological assessment.

4. Vocations Advisory Board

After review of all materials by the Vocations Director, the applicant meets with the Vocations Advisory Board, comprised of priests from the Diocese of Richmond.

5. Bishop Accepts the Applicant

Finally, the recommendation from the Vocations Advisory Board goes to the Bishop, who, upon accepting the applicant, assigns him to begin formation at one of our affiliated seminaries.