Christopher Weyer

Second Theology

Mount Saint Mary's Seminary
Saint John Paul II Seminary

I was born in Jacksonville, Arkansas into a Catholic, Air Force family and spent most of my younger years moving between Little Rock Air Force Base and the Pentagon. Growing up, I had two sisters (one older and one younger) – until I turned 10 and joyfully welcomed a new brother into the family and another sister a year later. As a kid, I spent a lot of time visiting Colorado – learning to hike, fish and camp from my dad; and when my dad retired from active duty, we had a chance to move out there “for good.” But it didn’t take much more than three years for my dad to end up back at the Pentagon as a civilian, and my family now lives (once again) in Northern Virginia. This happened half way through my high school years, and my sights shifted from CSU and Colorado School of Mines to Virginia Tech.
Two years later, I was officially a Hokie! Arriving at VT, I was an active Catholic, but I wasn’t active in the Newman Community (aside from playing on their Intramural Soccer team). Nonetheless, I formed a solid group of close friends and life was good. Spring semester came along, though, and the winter season was taking a toll on my friendships, so I decided to take some time away from campus and just “reset.” Conveniently, the Newman Community was holding a Connect retreat at that time, so off I went to “Connect” with the Catholic Campus Ministry. Although it was not a discernment retreat, all I could seem to think about during prayer was the Priesthood – and whether I should discern it more seriously. I told my parents, but decided to put off any further consideration until after I finished my Engineering Degree at VT. God had a different plan, though.
I took some classes that summer and was left with a surplus of free time, so I started picking up some books and spending more time with Fr. David – one of the most down-to-earth, friendly priests I have ever met. During that time I had an amazing encounter with Christ through praying with the Gospels, and Jesus and His Priesthood became more real to me than ever before. Later on during the Fall Semester, I went on an official Discernment Retreat (Duc in Altum) and that experience sealed the deal for me – I knew, without a doubt, that God wanted me to enter the Seminary. Almost a year later, I’m officially studying Philosophy at St. John Paul II Seminary, and am continuing my discernment in an environment like no other. God is good, and He works in amazing ways! I pray, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, that I will continue to be open to God’s Will in my life and that many others will open their hearts to Him as well!

Quick Stats:

  • Favorite Book: The Fulfillment of All Desire by Ralph Martin
  • Favorite Saint: St. Faustina
  • Home Parish: St. Teresa in Ashburn, VA