Michael Anctil


Theological College
Iowa State University

“Send forth your light and your truth; they will guide me on.” (Psalm 43:3)

Hello! My named is Michael Anctil, and I am the youngest of two and was raised in Omaha, Nebraska while attending a Catholic grade school. Following my academic strengths, I studied chemical engineering at Iowa State University. After graduating with a minor in Spanish, Hispanic Studies, and my major in Chemical Engineering, I sought employment at a pharmaceutical company to help make medicine. What brought me to medicine in Virginia, and what continued to drive my passion there was helping others, whether that be the patients, those who worked with me, or the hungry in my community.

I was an altar server in junior high and an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion in college. Starting in college I was drawn more into the Church through reading of the Bible, reviewing writings by theologians like Ratzinger/Benedict XVI, and listening to Catholic podcasts. The more I learned, the deeper my faith became and the more I wanted others to know about Jesus and his Church. The suggestion that perhaps I should be a priest entered my mind regularly through the years, but each time I pushed it aside in the busyness of my life.

In mid-2020 when seeking some advice, a priest suggested I deepen my friendship with the Lord through an increased prayer life. As I spent more time with God, that recurrent idea of the priesthood came back to the front of my mind and persisted. As I continued to discern through the winter, it became clear to me that Jesus was calling me towards his priesthood, to help, and to serve people through that vocation. The Dominican friars at St. Thomas Aquinas in Charlottesville, my home parish, have been important in my instruction and in being good examples, helping enable me to reach this point where I am continuing formation and discernment in seminary. I have been fortunate to be supported by wonderful priests and brothers at my church in a great parish community.

Please pray for my brother seminarians and me as we continue to seek and follow where the Lord is leading us.