Aventon Grimes

College I

Saint John Paul II Seminary
Home School

Howdy there! I am Aventon Grimes. I was born in Charlottesville Virginia and although I moved two times in my childhood I always stayed roughly in the Charlottesville locality. I come from a deeply Catholic family and was homeschooled all my life. From as early as age three I had a desire to become a Catholic priest. When I was eight years old I started altar serving at St. Thomas Aquinas parish. My family began attending Mass at Holy Comforter parish in Charlottesville in 2015 and since then it has been my home parish. At Holy Comforter I gradually took on more of a leadership role in the altar serving ministry and I am currently a member of the Archconfraternity of Saint Steven for altar servers. All throughout my life growing up my desire for priesthood intensified, and it was through the altar serving ministry that I was able to observe the priesthood in a more connected and personal way. In the last three years my growing desire has been to throw everything away recklessly so as to enter into a relationship of pure intimacy with the Holy Spirit, where He is my only possession and my only love. To me, this intimacy that can only be had through giving up everything is the most enticing and beautiful aspect about the Catholic priesthood. “My beloved to me, and I to him, who feedeth among the lilies”. As I start seminary this year as a college freshman, it is my prayer that God will continue to lead me to deeper intimacy with him, even if I discern that I am not called to the priesthood.

Favorite Hobbies: motorcycling, and fishing.

Favorite Saints: Our Lady, St. Joseph, and St. Agnes.