Rev. Mr. Thomas B. Lawrence III

Fourth Theology

Theological College
University of Richmond

I was born and raised in Richmond, VA to a Methodist mother and a Roman Catholic father, each coming from families with strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.  Throughout my education at the Jewish Community Center (daycare, preschool, summer camp, after-school), St. Bridget’s School, Benedictine High School, and University of Richmond, an interest in computers and their use grew.  In 1994, I started building and selling computers and providing consulting, service, and training to friends, teachers, and referrals.  This continued into high school and college.  While in college, the interest morphed into software development and in 2001, I started creating college virtual tours and other media-heavy digital marketing software.  That continued until 2014, when I sold the business and applied to the diocese for formation as a seminarian.

I’ve had the good fortune to serve on the University of Richmond Greater Richmond Spiders alumni chapter committee/board since 2002 (in various group names, roles, and titles), volunteer weekly for C.A.R.I.T.A.S. in Richmond for several years, help with educational and service work in several foreign countries, served as a sacramental preparation catechist at St. Bridget’s Church since 1997, and served as a live sound technician and manager of Uisce Beatha, an Irish pub band, since 2007.

I fear that I’ve spoken more than I have listened, especially to God at times.  That’s why it has taken “a good long while” to properly recognize and accept the call I believe I’ve received.

  • Favorite Book: Catechism of the Catholic Church (yeah, I know)
  • Favorite Saint: St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Home Parish: St. Bridget, Richmond