Robert Kincaid

College IV

Saint John Paul II Seminary
Central Virginia Community College

Hi there!  My name is Robert and I was born and raised in Lynchburg, VA to a very active Catholic family.  At this point, people would ask me things along the lines of, “Isn’t Lynchburg full of Baptists and Methodists?” or “I thought Lynchburg was the Bible Belt of Virginia.”  While this is true, I did happily attend one of the two Catholic churches in the entire city.  I am the second oldest sibling in my family of an older and younger sister along with a younger brother.  My father was born Baptist and converted to Catholicism when he married my mother.

During high school, there were many opportunities to attend retreats or conferences and I didn’t think twice about not going.  It was just a part of me to leave home and go attend for a weekend with hundreds of other Catholic kids to worship Our Lord.  At my community college, there wasn’t a Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM), so I went across the street to attend the one at Liberty University. Some people wondered about that.  “Is Liberty University accepting of Catholics?”  Liberty did accept Catholics, but not very tolerant.  Those of us in CCM were presented with many challenges from people, including students and staff, who attacked us both verbally and socially.  It was within our CCM group that I found strength to fight the fight and become stronger in the Catholic faith.  During the college retreats I went on, I found myself answering Our Lord’s call little by little through times of Adoration.

After a powerful retreat at the Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio, I had a powerful dream where I was told to pick up my cross and follow Him.  That’s when I decided to apply to the seminary.  I will admit that I was pretty nervous at first, but through prayer and asking for the intercession of Our Holy Mother I have found myself becoming more and more confident in my decision.  I am excited and ready to start on this great adventure, to grow closer to Christ and His people, and to praise His Wonderful Name!

  • Favourite Book: Between the Saviour and the Sea by Bob Rice
  • Favourite Saint: Saint Cecilia – Virgin and Martyr, November 22nd
  • Home Parish: Saint Thomas More in Lynchburg, VA