Ivan Torres

College I

Saint John Paul II Seminary
Home School

Hello! My name is Ivan Torres, and I am a seminarian for the Catholic Archdiocese of Richmond.

I am the eldest of four children, having a younger sister and two younger brothers. I was raised pretty much everywhere from Japan to Germany, as I was born into a Navy family. I graduated high school as a homeschooler in the summer of 2021.

I began my formal discernment journey in 2017, though my parents will say that I have been discerning the priesthood since birth. It was during the Steubenville Youth Conference in Atlanta when, on the main day of the conference, I found myself running to the main stage where the priest leading the retreat had called all discerning young men forward. Before this moment, I had a relatively close relationship to Jesus. I went to Mass regularly, confessed my sins more than twice a year, and volunteered at my parish often. I had always felt however, that there was something more. Something in my relationship with Him that I was not getting to. Steubenville opened the door to that something, it opened the door to the priesthood.

Having been discerning the Call for four years, I realized that I have done all that I can personally do to see the path that God wants me to take. Seminary is that next step in my discernment to really know if this is my calling.