David Arellano

First Theology

Mount Saint Mary's Seminary
Saint John Paul II Seminary
Franklin County High School

I was born in Orange, California. At a young age, I moved to Mexico and lived there with my grandmother for 8 years. At age 9, I moved to Rocky Mount, VA with my mother and brother. I am a member of the Franklin County High School class of 2015. I have been an active member of the St. Francis of Assisi youth group. There I began to feel a calling to the priesthood. Eventually with the encouragement of my youth group and members of the church I contacted Fr. Boehling. During my senior year of high school, I began the application process to enter seminary for the Diocese of Richmond. On June 4, five days after my high school graduation, I was accepted by the diocese and a few days later by St. John Paul II Seminary to begin studies in the Fall of 2015.

When not studying, I can be found outside with a book, playing music, or enjoying an episode of The West Wing. St. Cecilia is my favorite saint and I try to live my life based on the Marching Eagle’s motto “Blend in when playing music, stand out in life.”

  • Favorite Saint: St. Cecilia
  • Home Parish: St. Francis of Assisi, Rocky Mount